Snap7 is a library, generally this type of projects do not grow much. Neither need a big workgroup.


A communication library is a small brick corner at the base of your application : it must be solid and must work h24/365 without errors. Snap7 has already completed several million of transactions (data exchanged for pieces produced) in hi-speed facilities.


I want to thank to all people that asked for making a donation but Snap7 is, for my choice, absolutely free. Donít forget anyway to accomplish the LGPL3 agreement (Öpart of this software come from Snap7Ö.)


So what I'm asking mainly, is a detailed bugs report, so I can further improve the library for my and your business.


Suggestions, critics, code snippets, improvements, new wrappers or platform porting are obviously warmly welcomed.


Please donít ask for custom software/functions. Snap7 is free also if you use it in your closed software, but I cannot work on ďone user's" needs.


If you like Snap7, please consider to share (a small and not classified) part of your work with the community. Donít only ask.



Thanks for your time.


Davide Nardella